Vision & Mission


Company vision is to become a global leading company in its all field for Glass Mould, steel fabrication industry, PEB sheds, ROB & FOB, EOT cranes, Bridges, Road and Highways and extending our services towards material handling equipment for cement/Sugar/Power/Steel/Minerals//Infrastructure industry.

To deliver to the client the best solutions and broaden its activity base by diversifying into other infrastructure disciplines to sustain a healthy growth rate.



Company mission is to display all of the leadership qualities that make them the leading steel fabrication company.

Company goal is to provide a workplace that protects each employee, the environment, and the customer’s and property. They recognize the importance of a strong safety program to the overall company philosophy. There expectation for excellence in safety and environmental responsibilities requires 100% participation by employees at all levels; both at the workplace and away from the work. By providing proper equipment and continuous safety training to lead the industry in achieving an accident-free workplace.

To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness and courtesy to our clients, employees, vendors, investors and society.