Gear Boxes

We have large number of variety in Gear Boxes.

Industries which we serves are: Plastic Industries, Crane Industries, Roll Mills Industries Hot/ Cold .


  • We are specialised in Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gear Box 1:1 Ratio Input / Output in same plane.


  • Right Angle helical Gear Box 1:1 ratio Hardened & Grounded Gears.
Right Angle Bevel Gear Box 1:1
Right Angle Helical Gear Box 1:1
  •  We are manufacturing crane duty gear boxes also for cross travel/ long travel  and Man Hoist.


Gear Box
Gear Box
Gear Box

For plastic line we make extruder Gear Box 16:1 Double Helical Reduction with Hardened &  Grounded Gears.